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When Should I Test My Well Water?

Many homeowners tend to forget about water testing after the purchase of their home, until there is a problem. It's better to maintain your well, find problems early and correct them, before they reach a crisis level.

Of course, one should always have the well water tested before purchasing a home, but it is also recommended to test yearly for coliform bacteria, and nitrates.

But there are other reasons and times to have your water tested, including the following:

- Having a new baby, or if someone in the home is pregnant or nursing (Blue Baby Syndrome)

- If there are taste or odor issues with the water

- If the water is staining your sink, tub, or clothing

- If there has been a change in the water's color or clarity

- If there has been a chemical or fuel spill, or leakage nearby recently

- If there has been any unexplained illness in the family

- If there has been flooding near your well

It is better to test your water and be safe, than to choose not to know what could be lurking in your water, and suffer the consequences. Remember, there is no single test to test for every possible contaminate, however, if your well tests positive for one contaminate, it probably has more. It may only take a small amount of disease organisms to make someone sick, and contaminated water may look, smell, and taste normal. The only sure way to know the health of your well, is to test it.


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