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How to prepare for your home to be inspected

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

So your home is going to be inspected, and you would like to know how to prepare? Here's a few things to keep in mind, and simple easy ways to make the inspection process go smoothly. Remember, the buyer may be at your home too, either during or at the end of an inspection, and you want to give them warm fuzzy feelings about your home, so make sure it's neat and tidy. Depending on the size of your home, plan to be gone at least 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours.

+ Replace any missing or burnt out light bulbs

+ Replace any low or missing smoke detector batteries. If you don't have a sufficient number of detectors, this might be a good time to buy a few. There should be one in each bedroom, and one in the hallway. There should be a Carbon Monoxide detector on each floor, and near an attached garage, and all should be installed at least 5 feet above the floor.

+ If your appliances go with the home, more than likely they will be tested, so don't hide your dirty dishes in the oven. Instead, fill up the dishwasher and add soap, we will run it through a cycle, and you can come home to clean dishes!

+ If you have a fireplace, remove the decor from in front of it, so that the inspector can examine it without accidently breaking your pretties while trying to look up in the fireplace.

+ The inspector will need attic access, so if your access is in a closet or confined space, perhaps remove the items to make room for the inspector and his/her ladder. Many times, when the hatch is opened, insulation may fall, so if you have removed items to make room for the inspector, your items won't have insulation all over them.

+ This may be a good time to check on some general maintenance items around your home that have been put off for too long. How is the weather stripping around your doors? Any broken window panes?

+ Remove enough items from under sinks so that the plumbing can clearly be seen and examined.

+ The inspector will run the shower, so please remove personal items, so that the inspector can turn on the water without moving your loofah.

+ On the outside, how are your gutters? Clean? Do your gutter downspouts get the water away from your foundation sufficiently?

These are just a few basic things that can be done in preparation for a home inspection to help things go more smoothly. Remember, your goal is to sell your home. The more maintenance items you can take care of ahead of time, the shorter out report can be.

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